• Ringmania

    If you’re crazy about rings, you’ll love Ringmania

    Meet the writer - Malcolm Scott

    Internet entrepreneur: Former Electronics Engineer, Freelance Musician.

    I first started selling jewellery when I got a seasonal job at a Gift Shop while still at school. I remained in the same job until I was 21 and then worked as a Musician. I decided that I should have a more reliable occupation so I enrolled at college to build on a former hobby and got qualified as an Electronics Service Engineer. After leaving college, I started my own business which incorporated my musical background with electronic servicing. Having built up a good reputation as a service engineer for anything musical, I returned to playing music in several bands in the UK. Around 1995, I found that I had a lot of spare time and started making jewellery with my then girlfriend which we sold at craft fairs and street markets.

    It was here that Ringmania started and I built the first website a few years later.

    Since then, I have relocated to Phuket in Thailand where I got married and opened a beach resort with my wife.

    Ringmania took a back seat for a while until recently when I returned to the jewellery business to sell gold and silver rings.